“We all benefit from the open sharing of ideas.”

This is the core philosophySocial Media Buddhist that The Social Buddha was founded and created upon.

I chose the Buddha theme because Buddhism is focused on helping all sentient beings.  I see The Social Buddha as an online extension of that goal.  My focus here is specific to social media but my dedication to helping business owners with everyday challenges is steadfast.

I enjoy helping businesses and organizations make an impact in social media and I’m blessed to have so many happy clients.  I’m not sure that you can directly credit my success to the openness I express when it comes the tricks & tools I rely on.  But I do know that my most rewarding moments in life have come from when I’ve shared “secret” knowledge with someone and it changes the way they do business for the better.

I’ve arrived at a point in my life where I’ve found comfort in the faith that in helping others I help myself.  So please enjoy this site and offer your contributions as well.  Perhaps the “feel good” you receive from sharing your questions and knowledge will find you the happiness and satisfaction we’re all searching to find.

Ohmmmmm.  Ohmmmmm.