Before tackling any endeavor, I’ve learned to first ask myself:

  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

  • Can it be done with integrity?

  • Will it be FUN?

Welcome to my site, my name is David Wittlinger (a.k.a. ‘The Social Buddha”).  I’ll confess, I’m a Social Media Manager by trade and technology junkie at heart. I see the role of this domain in the world as a safe haven to share and spread marketing ideas and best practices.  My intent is to create and post as many tips-n-tricks I possibly can and create a genuine discussion we can all benefit from.

My background includes developing and executing marketing programs that have gained my clients market share, brand equity, increased revenue and stronger resonance within their respective communities.  My passion for information sharing and community building drives the innovative approach I bring to the art of social networking.

David Wittlinger